My First Christmas Away From Home

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My brother, Paul, who is Senior Pastor at Cross Point Church in Spring Hill, Florida, suggested I share this Christmas card with you. I sent it to him my first Christmas away from home. The card was designed by local Haitian children. I hope it blesses your family this Christmas. 

December 25, ‘94

Dear Paul,

During the Holiday Season more than ever,

We are grateful for your thoughts and prayers.

May the spirit of the Holiday Season bring you joy and peace,

And may the “Regulars” find their way into your hearts.

Have a “Regulars By God” Holiday Season

Task Force I-22 Infantry

Hey Brother, Merry Christmas and Happy New year. I miss you “little” bro. This will be our first Christmas apart, but probably will not be the last as we grow older. It makes you miss the days of being a kid. Christmas just isn’t the same anymore. Many of my soldiers are your age and for them it will be the first away as well. So together we can share the stories and memorys of Christmas’ past. We will be standing guard on Christmas Eve through New Years. As always there will be small children sleeping in the streets next to the guard posts because they feel safe and occasionally an American Soldier will throw them a piece of candy. All they have are the rags on their backs literally. So I don’t think we have much to complain about. We’re pretty fortunate. Say hello to Kristen and Wish her a Merry Christmas for me. Have some spaghetti an meatballs for me. I love you & Merry Christmas little brother. Love Chris xo

Please say a prayer for those in service to our nation far away from home this Christmas. May we all re-commit ourselves to restoring our beloved America to the prosperity and safety to which we aspire for the sake of future generations here and abroad.

To learn more about my efforts to restore America, click the link above.

If you can help me to meet the critical 4th quarter fundraising deadline by December 31, I would be very grateful.

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