Working for North Carolina

The Economy

Fiscal responsibility is fundamental to a strong economy and prosperity. Democrats in Congress keep spending money we don’t have – making our economy worse for everyone. I will stop reckless government spending that is causing runaway inflation and never vote to increase taxes.

Energy Independence

I support an energy independent America – including increasing domestic oil and gas production. Accessible, reliable, and affordable energy is essential to our economy and national security.


Parents know what is best for their children’s education. I support parental choice in education and stand against political indoctrination in curriculum.

Illegal Immigration

We must secure the border to keep American’s safe. America’s immigration policy must serve the needs of our nation and those who would become citizens. We must finish the wall and support the Border Patrol.

Public Safety

Crime is at an all time high in the nation and in North Carolina. I support fully funding our police and putting criminals in jail – where they belong.

Civil Liberties

Our Constitutional protections are being threatened everyday. I will always fight against government overreach and protect those rights. 

Foreign Policy

America is an exceptional nation and should project strength and leadership on the world stage. I will ensure America’s interests are placed before our adversaries and always support our allies in their time of need.
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