Working for North Carolina

American families are suffering under the economic policies and record inflation of Joe Biden and Democrats.

The Economy

North Carolina families are suffering under the economic policies and record inflation of Joe Biden and Democrats. Our national debt is an astronomical 34 TRILLION DOLLARS. Fiscal responsibility is fundamental to a strong economy and prosperity. I support a Balanced Budget Amendment and single focus spending bills. I will stop reckless government spending, cut taxes, and eliminate burdensome regulations hurting growth and innovation. And, I will support policies that help families and businesses prosper.

Illegal Immigration

Our border is unsecured and wide open. Thousands of illegal immigrants, drugs, and weapons breach our border every day. Illicit drugs, like fentanyl, are killing Americans. And human trafficking is a stain on our country. We must secure the border to keep Americans safe. I will make it a priority to finish the wall and give our Border Patrol the resources, boots on the ground, and technology necessary to secure our border.

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Energy Independence

America’s energy policy is a critical national security priority. The United States must be energy independent, and stop importing oil from our enemies like Venezuela and allowing Russia to determine the cost of putting gas in our cars and heating our homes. I will support permitting the finish of the Keystone Pipeline and others, increasing domestic oil and gas production, and replenishing our Strategic Oil Reserve that Biden has drained for purely political purposes.

Foreign Policy

American exceptionalism is real and an envy of the world. Our men and women in uniform are the strongest, best trained, and most experienced military in the history of the world. We should always project strength and leadership on the world stage. I will ensure America’s interests are placed before our adversaries, support our allies in their time of need, and demand our military is equipped with the best training and resources available. Furthermore, I will oppose costly non-essential initiatives that weaken our military, such as SEG and DEI. Our freedom is vulnerable.


Progressives and liberal bureaucrats are attacking parental rights, our schools, and our kids. Parents know what is best for their children and their education. I will oppose all efforts that allow sexually explicit materials of any kind to be taught in our schools. I will protect the integrity of women’s sports. I will oppose political indoctrination curriculums. And I will support school choice because no child should suffer in a failing school because of their zip code.

Public Safety

Concern about the rising tide of crime is palpable throughout the nation, and North Carolina is no exception. As a resident, I firmly believe in the necessity of fully funding our police departments and protecting qualified immunity to ensure the safety and security of our communities. It’s imperative that we have the resources to address criminal activities swiftly and justly. Those who break the law should face the appropriate consequences and serve their time in jail. Ensuring a robust and well-supported law enforcement presence is essential for the well-being of all North Carolinians. 

Civil Liberties

The foundational principles of our nation, enshrined in the Constitution, are under increasing pressure in today’s evolving landscape. These protections, which have long stood as pillars of our democracy, face threats from various quarters. It is of utmost importance to remain vigilant against any form of overreach that might undermine these rights. I am committed to standing as a staunch defender of these principles, ensuring that the liberties and freedoms granted to us remain unassailable and endure for generations to come.

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