Moms for America Action Endorse Christian Castelli for Congress

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“Moms for America Action is proud to endorse and encourage moms across North Carolina’s Sixth Congressional District to support Christian Castelli for Congress,” Kimberly Fletcher, President of Moms for America Action said.

Castelli Supports Parental Rights

“Christian Castelli stands with Moms for America Action in supporting and defending our principles of free enterprise, individual freedom, traditional American values, limited government, and a strong national defense. Christian is committed to parental rights in schools and health care, opposing indoctrination and critical race theory in our schools, eliminating inflation by cutting government waste, securing our border, and ensuring election integrity at every level of government.”

“As a retired Lieutenant Colonel in the U.S. Army and Green Beret, Moms for America Action knows we have a proven fighter and selfless leader in Christian Castelli. The U.S. Congress needs more principled leaders like Christian.”

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