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NC’s 6th US House District: Christian Castelli

Christian Castelli: A Legacy of Valor and Leadership Spanning Generations - From Grandfather's WWI Service to His 20-Year Combat Veteran Journey, Why Castelli Is the Best Choice for NC District 6 Congress

Christian Castelli’s commitment to serving our country runs deep in his family’s history. With his grandfather’s service in World War I, and both grandfathers and father serving in World War II and Vietnam, respectively, Christian continued the legacy, dedicating 20 years to the military with six combat deployments.

This extensive background, he believes, makes him the ideal candidate for the 6th district congressional race, especially in today’s complex global landscape. As an advocate for peace through strength, Christian emphasizes the importance of strong leadership in maintaining national security and making informed decisions.

His recent firsthand experience patrolling the southern border in Arizona further solidified his understanding of critical security issues. Witnessing the challenges faced by law enforcement, from assaults to drug trafficking, reinforced his resolve to address border security as a top priority.

Moreover, Christian is committed to fiscal responsibility, advocating for government spending to align with tax revenues. Like many conservatives, he believes in prudent financial management and aims to curb unnecessary spending.

As we approach the Republican Primary on March 5th, Christian Castelli emerges as a formidable candidate, ready to tackle pressing issues and lead with integrity.

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