Elect Christian Castelli for NC District 6

From the Battlefield to Capitol Hill:
The Call to Elect Christian Castelli for NC District 6 - U.S. Congress

In a world where politics often seem more about personal gain than public service, Christian Castelli stands apart. A former Lieutenant Colonel and decorated combat veteran, he’s not just another career politician. Castelli’s commitment lies with America first, not special interests or partisan agendas. With Congress in disarray, Castelli brings a fresh perspective and unwavering dedication to the forefront. As a Green Beret, he knows the importance of securing our borders, eliminating inflation, and defending the freedoms enshrined in our Constitution. North Carolina District 6 deserves a leader like Christian Castelli, someone who will fight tirelessly to address pressing issues and put the needs of the people above all else. It’s time to send a true patriot to Capitol Hill. Vote for Retired Green Beret Colonel Christian Castelli, because America deserves the best.

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