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SCOTUS Decision in Harper v. Moore affirms current districting course in North Carolina 

In light of the recent Supreme Court decision which upholds the April 2023 action of the NC Supreme Court, we, the team of the Castelli campaign, are eager to see the NC Legislature step up and undertake the critical task of congressional redistricting. We strongly believe that these newly drawn districts should genuinely echo the true, unadulterated will of the voters.

The current districting, unfortunately, is tainted by egregious partisan overreach, a glaring product of 2022 when the scales were unfairly tipped by liberal activist judges. This manipulation produced distorted congressional maps, unjustly giving liberal forces an equal footing despite their poor performance in statewide elections. This stark discrepancy underlines our belief that districts should represent the legitimate voice of the people and not be subject to partisan manipulation or judicial activism.

It is our hope that the NC Legislature will take this into consideration, ensuring a fair and democratic process that respects the voice of North Carolinians, promoting the integrity of our democracy. We remain committed to fostering a political environment where the power is in the hands of the voters and not subject to manipulation by any political faction.

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