Why Removing Democratic Rep. Ilhan Omar from the House Foreign Affairs Committee is Good for America

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Removing Democratic Representative Ilhan Omar from the House Foreign Affairs Committee sparked controversy. Across America, the debate rages. The House Foreign Affairs Committee shapes U.S. foreign policy. As such, its members must have the trust and confidence of the American people.

One reason for Rep. Omar’s removal from the committee was her controversial statements on the influence of pro-Israel lobby groups in the U.S. government. She also made disparaging remarks about the nation of Israel. Her comments were widely seen as anti-Semitic. They raised concerns about the committee’s ability to function effectively. To maintain the high standard expected of members of Congress, supporters of the decision argue that it was necessary to remove Rep. Omar from the committee.

Accountability will Improve Function

Today, Washington is dysfunctional. The consequences of removing Rep. Omar from the committee remain uncertain. Some predict that the decision will further polarize the already divided political landscape. On the other hand, supporters argue it will restore the trust and confidence in the Foreign Affairs Committee, allowing it to function effectively. I believe the decision to remove Rep. Ilhan Omar from the House Foreign Affairs Committee is imperative to-

  1. Maintaining high standards for members of Congress: Republicans believe that members of Congress should be held to a high standard. This is especially true of those serving on committees that deal with foreign policy and national security. Therefore, removing Rep. Omar, they argue that the standard of conduct expected of members of Congress will be upheld.
  2. Strengthening U.S.-Israel relations: Republicans believe that Rep. Omar’s comments on Israel and the pro-Israel lobby creates the potential to harm U.S.-Israel relations. Israel is a crucial and long-standing relationship for the U.S. Again, removing her from the Foreign Affairs Committee will help preserve this relationship.
  3. Restoring trust in the Foreign Affairs Committee: Republicans argue that the Foreign Affairs Committee is responsible for shaping U.S. foreign policy. Its members should be trusted by the American people. So, removing Rep. Omar means the committee will regain the trust and confidence of the American people.
  4. Promoting a pro-American foreign policy: Republicans believe that having a member of the Foreign Affairs Committee making controversial statements that could harm U.S. foreign policy. It might undermine the committee’s ability to effectively carry out its responsibilities. They believe that removing Rep. Omar will promote a pro-American foreign policy.
She’s just not being honest.

In addition, remember Omar was rescued out of her desperate country of origin, Somalia. She was taken in by America, where she eventually naturalized. Yet, she harshly critics our country. Omar is one of the militant “Squad.” She issued slurs on our nation and Western Civilization. Yet, she when tries to open borders to the latest third-world and/or Biden-initiated catastrophe, she softens her recollections? That doesn’t fly with me.

America needs problem solvers, not more critics

If you followed my story, you know that I have a long combat and government (Inspector General for the D.O.D.) career. When I saw the disastrous withdrawal from Afghanistan in August of 2021, it motivated me to first enter the race for Congress. I have the experience, skills and heart to be a part of the solution in D.C. Seeing unaccountable, unpatriotic politicians such as Rep. Omar makes me even more committed to win the race in 2024.

In summary, we must hold our elected officials to higher standards. We certainly need to protect our national security information from those who would use it to undermine our freedom and security.

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