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My name is Christian Castelli., and in this blog, I’ll be tracking what is going on in D.C. I am a Christian, a son, brother, husband, father and veteran. My goal is to represent North Carolina in the 119th Congress. .

Additionally, I swore an oath to defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies foreign and domestic. For over 20 years, I fought foreign enemies and now it’s time to turn my attention to the domestic ones trying to destroy this country through failed policies and a radical agenda inconsistent with our founding principles and American values.

As your next Congressman, I’ll bring a unique and relevant set of skills to the job. I have led combat troops into six hostile fire areas and never lost a soldier under my command. One of my mottos is: Details matter. As an Inspector General in the Department of Defense, I honed my investigation skills. Government Accountability is in my blood. We must conduct the business of the American people professionally. I won’t have it any other way.

In this blog, I’ll be sharing my thoughts about current events and the actions of our government that affect your family and mine. We all have elderly parents and/or young children in school. Some families, like mine, are also caring for disabled family members. Everyone shops for food and puts gas in their cars. Government actions affect all of these.

In summary, it’s my hope the Christian Castelli Blog will be a place you will visit to learn not only what is going on, but how I will represent you. Thank you for reading. If you have topics of concern, please reach out to me at victory@castellifornc.com. I’d love to hear from you.

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