Speaker Kevin McCarthy Will Lead House Republicans in Fulfilling Our Commitment to America

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It was an historic election in January, when Speaker Kevin McCarthy was voted to the post. It took 15 ballots by the House of Representatives. Some key assurances negotiated in the process were: the length of bills and the time Congress would be given to study bills prior to voting,. Moreover, any single member may now challenge the Speaker. So, who is Speaker Kevin McCarthy? And, what will he do for America a leader of the narrowly Republican-controlled House of Representatives? For answers, look to his Commitment to America.

McCarthy’s Record and the Commitment to America

Speaker McCarthy has long demonstrated his personal commitment to America. He is a champion for economic growth. He consistently supported policies that aimed to reduce taxes and rules on businesses. His goal is encouraging job creation and economic expansion. For example, McCarthy supported the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act of 2017, which lowered the corporate tax rate. It also provided tax cuts for individuals and families. This legislation is credited with boosting economic growth and creating jobs. Additionally, the Commitment to America features energy independence. Energy independence creates economic strength.

Speaker McCarthy introduced a broad Republican agenda in his Commitment to America. C.T.A. prioritizes and builds on his longstanding leadership in national security. He is a strong advocate for upping defense spending. McCarthy has also worked to ensure that the United States military gets the resources it needs to protect the country. He criticized the Iran nuclear deal and has called for stronger sanctions against Iran.

Law, Order and Self-Defense

Despite continual assaults on the right of law-abiding Americans to own firearms, Speaker McCarthy has been a strong supporter of the Second Amendment. He consistently votes in favor of measures to protect the right to bear arms.

In response to the United States Supreme Court’s decision in New York State Rifle & Pistol Asso­ci­ation Inc. v Bruen, House Republican Leader Kevin McCarthy (CA-23) issued the following statement:

“The Constitution protects the right of law-abiding Americans to own a firearm for self-defense through the Second Amendment. While states like New York have tried to restrict that right through burdensome laws and regulations, the Supreme Court has, on multiple occasions, recognized it, and today strengthened it. Today’s ruling rightfully ensures the right of all law-abiding Americans to defend themselves without unnecessary government interference.”

He is also a vocal critic of so-called “sanctuary cities” and has called for stricter enforcement of immigration laws, another policy priority laid out in the Commitment to America, as well as the Castelli campaign.

A Strong Defense of Principles

While his ascension to the office was spirited, Speaker McCarthy is a strong leader within the Republican Party. He and others will now work hard to unite the party. They will promote the Republican agenda, especially as it pertains to stabilizing and growing the economy. They will lead a vocal criticism of the Democratic Party and strong advocacy for conservative principles as we prepare to advance federal gains in 2024.

Another important aspect of the Commitment to America is the focus on national security. Increasing defense spending and working to ensure that the United States military has the resources it needs to protect the country are both top goals. He criticized the Iran nuclear deal and sought stronger sanctions against Iran in the past. I expect to see solid foreign policy proposals from the 118th Congress under his leadership. Near and dear to me is the treatment of America’s veterans. Again, as McCarthy has historically advocated for veterans and has supported legislation to improve the quality of life for our veterans and their families, I will be looking for good policies affecting them.

Coming to the Defense of Civil Rights

Speaker McCarthy has also made a commitment to protecting the rights of individuals and families. He is a strong supporter of the Bill of Rights. Investigations are already underway into ethical and potential criminal cases thanks to his committee appointments and agenda. It has been 50 years, but we will now see an investigation of the weaponization of the Justice Departmen) against Americans. This is a huge step in the right direction to see that the civil rights of Americans are restored and respected.

Concerning First Amendment rights, Speaker McCarthy already led an abortion survivor bill to the floor for a successful vote (with only one Democrat voting for it). This is consistent with the fact he has supported other pro-life policies and has been a strong advocate for the protection of religious freedom.

The 118th Congress, with innovative thinking and leadership is making healthcare more affordable and accessible for all Americans. During the 2022 campaign, Democrats accused Republicans of wanting to harm Social Security and Medicare. This was never true. McCarthy repeated his commitment to not harm or defund either Medicare or Social Security. On the contrary, look for measures to make these programs less wasteful and more sustainable.

From Blue Collar Baby to Third in Line

As the 55th Speaker of the US House of Representatives, Kevin McCarty draws on his upbringing and experience in conservative Bakersfield, California. He will focus on creating jobs and promoting economic growth, strengthening national security, protecting individual rights, and making healthcare more affordable and accessible for all Americans. His Commitment to America reveals his closely held values and his consistent support of policies and legislation that align with these promises. He certainly showed backbone and commitment during the election process. He proved he is a strong and effective leader who will work just as hard to advance these goals.

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