SCOTUS Decision in Harper v. Moore affirms current districting course in North Carolina 

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In April of this year, in a 5 to 2 decision, the NC Supreme Court ruled that, according to the state constitution, the legislature does, indeed, have authority to use partisan voting patterns to draw congressional district maps. Today, in a 6 to 3 decision in the case of Harper v. Moore, the Supreme Court of the United States affirmed that state courts do, indeed, have the authority to rule in suits arising out of the drawing of congressional maps. These cases together affirm the balance of powers to protect the rights of the people regarding the drawing of congressional districts. Fortunately, the people of North Carolina have been remarkably consistent over the last few election cycles in their choices for both legislative representatives and the judicial bench. They have overwhelmingly elected conservative supermajorities in both the legislature and the state courts.

The statewide election results (irrespective of any district lines) going back to 2020 reveal that the desire of North Carolinian voters is for common sense to guide our laws and statutes. In 2020, out of 20 such statewide races, 16 of them saw Republicans victorious. Just following the math and applying the ratio to 14 congressional districts produces congressional maps that favor conservatives by an 11 to 3 ratio. 2022 statewide races produce even higher conservative ratios.

North Carolinians want representatives and judges who will respect both the public purse and the laws of the land. That is why in 2020 and 2022 they “fired” the judges and justices who previously overturned things like photo voter ID and constitutional map drawing.


Following today’s SCOTUS-affirmed protection of the April 2023 NC Supreme Court action, we at the Castelli campaign look forward to the NC Legislature now taking decisive action to draw congressional districts. These districts should reflect the un-manipulated will of voters rather than the obscene partisan overreach demonstrated in 2022 by liberal activist judges that produce artificial congressional maps, handing liberals equal power despite their dismal statewide election results. 
The correct legislative action, we believe, will produce congressional maps that reflect the elections of 2020 and 2022, as pertains to statewide races: 11 Republican seats v 3 Democrat seats. District 6 of North Carolina will most likely be one of the seats that now becomes much more competitive for Republicans.
Last year, I ran hard to win this District in the face of a 9 point Democrat advantage, and I have not stopped running. I will not stop until this District is back in Republican hands, as it was for 36 years prior to the 2020 judicial partisan gerrymandering that handed the seat to Democrats.  Please join my campaign today by making a contribution before Friday’s reporting deadline. We are still about $10,000 short of our goal. Too many people representing too much capital have stayed on the sidelines pending today’s SCOTUS decision. Now we have the decision that will guide the drawing of maps. And while Democrats are blustering and crowing about the headlines of it, you have the underlying facts.
Thank you in advance for your support. Whether you can max out ($3,300 per person for the primary and another $3,300 for the General), or whether you can set up a monthly draft, your help is critical to us running this campaign well and being prepared to face the onslaught that Democrats will bring.

Last year, Democrats spent $3 million defending a “safe” seat. They will stop at nothing to save the seat in 2024. We must not stop in our responsibility to properly fund this fight.

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